Ruta Araucaria Milenaria

Deep in the forests of Chile. A tailor-made adventure for Lina Mercado crossing the Andes through lakes and dense Araucaria forests in to Argentina.

Terradosa Demo Bike

Naked carbon U.P. for our customers to fall in love with.

Costumer Project a Piece of Art

Hand painted by Cento Canesio, this is a piece of art.

Costumer Project Tokeco’s WI.DE

Satisfying Camilo’s vision with this costume extreme gravel build bike (WI.DE.) with a tailor-made paint scheme.

Costumer Project Daniel’s – Min.D.

Relentless simplicity. Exceeding Daniel expectations for his new road bike.

Extraordinary Frameset for Trasncordilleras

One of a kind frameset designed exclusively for Transcordilleras 2022. The prize for the lucky finishers.

Anyways, Always Explore!

Inspired by an old fashion postcard we share our philosophy.

Lo que nos hace sentir vivos

Detailed Natalia Franco’s experience at Transcordilleras 2021.

La bicicleta de los campeones

The devil is in the details. Tips and specs of the bicycles of the champions of Transcordilleras Mauricio Ordoñez (2020) and Natalia Franco (2021)