Modern Classic

This is the MIN.D. (MINimal Design), admire the sleek tube profiles, see the shimmering midnight blue, smile at the splash of color from the four OPEN logo colors fading into each other on the inside of the fork and chainstays. Radical design and lovely classic bike aesthetics.


A high performance road bike frame using OPEN’s ultra-efficient tube shaping for power transfer, low weight & high strength. Continuous seattube design for extreme comfort without gimmicks. Tire clearance for modern road tires up to 32mm (since tire labelling is unreliable, always check tire clearance with the frame)

Available in standard 2x and dedicated 1x version. Classic, understated look in both shaping and color. Once on the bike, a strange combination of performance and comfort becomes apparent. Every gram of material has a function.

Comfort is not about gimmicks, elastomers, electronic suspension or sub-atomic vibration damping graphene-infused nano-particles. It’s about finding ways to ride further, for longer, while enjoying it. A comfortable fit geometry comes first. The MIN.D is sportive (we still want to go fast) but with a realistic saddle-to-handlebar drop and reach. Secondly, bad roads are one of the worst comfort killers, whether through cracks and potholes or simply through vibrations. Making your tires a tad larger is the most effective comfort boost while also improving rolling resistance and grip. The continuous seattube design is extremely small at 25 mm diameter (30 mm is normally the minimum if you want to fit in a 27.2 mm seatpost). This change adds astonishing comfort to the frame. Removing the seatpost/seattube overlap at the toptube also means the seattube compliance continues uninterrupted. Finally, comfort is achieved in the MIND through the frame shape and layup, in particular the seattube/seatmast and the seatstays.

Technical specifications

MIN.D. California
Stock colors
Midnight blue with 4-color fade, RTP (Ready-To-Paint for custom painting)
RAW, custom.
Frame-only size L, w/o metal parts, ±3%
870g (RTP, incl. full mast)
775g (RAW, incl. full mast)
Fork-only weight, ±3%
335g (uncut steerer)
RTP (Ready-to-paint)
A clearcoat is not needed for UV protection but recommended to protect against scratches and wear. Some customers leave the frame bare.


There are many ways to spec your OPEN dream bike. Wheel and tire size, mechanical or electronic drivetrain, 1x or 2x, the list is endless. SRAM, ENVE, BEAST, Ultradynamico are just a few of the brads of components that we normally use.

If you’re feeling inspired to get going on a custom build project of your own, feel free to get in touch with our specialist team to get the process started. It’s quite is simple and we will guide you throughout the entire journey. Please complete the contact form below to get the conversation going or just drop us a line at and we’ll take it from there.



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